Mohill Community College students win a trip to the European Parliament

Lorraine McNabola and Blanáid Reynolds, Fifth Year, have both won a trip to the European Parliament through the competition. is a free online competition for Second Level students to take part in and learn about important Local and National topics. Students who complete the competition can be entered to win one of the many educational trips to the European Parliament in Strasbourg in 2022/2023. has been in operation since 2001. It is a Government, Local Government and EU Funded Citizenship and Democracy Programme for Second Level Students in Ireland. 
Lorraine and Blanáid entered as part of their European Studies in Geography with Ms Maxwell. The girls completed a research project and then took part in a quiz to redeem their prize.  They will represent their school at the EU delegation of schools. They will promote our learning and achievements, our extra curricular participation and the county of Leitrim in Strasbourg. They will in turn find out opportunities available to young people in Europe and the Parliament. 
Lorraine McNabola is going on the trip thanks to sponsorship from Leitrim County Council and Chief Fire Officers Association and Blanáid Reynolds’s trip is sponsored by Leitrim County Council.