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Global Citizenship Education 

The Importance of Global Citizenship Education in our Schools can never be understated.  For this reason we are delighted to involve our students in Global Citizenship Education annually.   

A core part of our programme involves Transition Year students who embrace the project and its ideals with huge enthusiasm.  The changing nature of our local and school population has served over the years of our involvement to highlight the idea of our world as a Global Village, the impact of our actions in Mohill/Leitrim/Ireland having the potential for impact on other parts of the world.   

The aspirations of the Global Citizenship Education programme are also firmly part of our SCPE and RE Curricula, so the opportunities for cross-curricular linkages abound.   

The overall co-ordinator of our student involvement in the Global Citizenship Education Project is Ms. Evonne Maxwell who, as teacher of Geography and CSPE makes the linkages for students with other parts of their learning to date or future learning.  Other extra curricular linkages can be made with Green Schools and in this academic year with our Transition Year students’ involvement in Concern Debates, with Ms. Myra Reynolds as mentor. 

Global Citizenship Education (GCE) is all about building a sense of belonging to a common humanity and fostering respect for all. It plays a critical role in equipping learners with the necessary knowledge, competencies and values to take informed decisions and assume active roles locally, nationally and globally.  Our dearest hope is that as students think, reflect and act, they will embrace the notion of their local, national and world citizenship.   

In this light the old Irish saying ‘Ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine’ takes on a whole new meaning.

Thank you to World Wise Schools for grant aiding projects each year.

Transition Year students and other students throughout the school completed the Climate Action Development Goal in 2016-2018. 

Students are currently working on the No Poverty Global Goal.   


We will keep you updated regularly on the activities and actions undertaken!