BT Young Scientist Competition 2022

Young Scientist 02

We wish TY students Niamh and Sarah well with their respective BT Young Scientist projects.

Niamh’s project The effects of Functional Neurological Disorder, on my everyday life as a student and how school and society can be more inclusive offers personal insight into Functional Neurological Disorder and how it affects Niamh.  Her aim is to explain what the condition is as raising awareness is important. Niamh also wants to look at how society can be more inclusive for all people with disabilities.

Sarah’s project is called ” How can I make wind turbine blades more eco-friendly and efficient ” Wind turbine blades are currently made from fiber glass. When these blades get worn down or break, they go to landfill. They can’t be recycled either because they are made from thermoset resins so they can’t be remoulded and if you cut it up it becomes brittle.

To combat this, Sarah has designed her own blades on a 3d design software called solidworks. Sarah has tested the blades on software for blade testing called Q-blade. They will be manufactured out of wood instead of fiberglass. Most assume that they won’t last as long, but they will last the same amount of time. Sarah can’t wait to share my results of my experiment

A virtual event, we look forward to joining in on Friday 14th January 2022.  The event will be live at 1pm to a global audience, and we will literally be flying the flags for Mohill Community College participants Niamh and Sarah.