Agreed Board of Management Report 13th November


Agreed Report for the attention of Staff, Parents, Students 

Board of Management 13th of November


Agreed Report

Mohill Community College

Board of Management Meeting



Welcome & Introduction

The new Principal introduced himself to The Board.



Correspondence from SEC, ETBI, Mayo Sligo Leitrim ETB, NEPS, NCCA, OIDE & Department Circulars were presented.



DLP was changed to Mr. C Flynn

DDLP remains the same, Ms. M Callinan

In the absence of both Mr. Flynn and Ms. Callinan, Ms. Hardigan Ward, and Mr. T Nolan we are nominated as DLP & DDLP respectively


Teaching and Learning

The Board discussed the recent leaving cert and junior cert results. The Board also discussed the need for increased participation in the transition year program in order to bridge the gap between the new junior cycle and the traditional leaving cert. The need for leaving cert applied was referenced.



The Board discussed enrolment and the format it will take this year.


Policies for ratification


Admissions Policy:

The Board amended the admissions policy to include the names of the feeder schools and re-ordering the Selection criteria used in the enrolment process


Admissions Notice:

The admission notice was agreed


Code of Behaviour:

The code of behaviour was amended to include that the possession of vapes and E cigarettes are completely prohibited on school grounds


Post of Responsibility Review

The Board ratified the schedule of posts as agreed and proposed by the teacher working group.


Collection of Money

The Board sanctioned the Principal with the authority to collect money from students on behalf of the school.



The Board sanctioned the Principal with the authority to suspend students for up to 5 days in consultation with the chair of The Board of management.


SSE/School Improvement Plan

The Principal provided The Board with a brief overview of the SSE targets and actions within the school.


Strategic Planning

The Board discussed the school’s strategic plan focusing on new programs, new subjects, traffic calming measures and the recent sanction of additional classrooms.


Finance Report

The Board was presented with an up-to-date overview of the budget.


Child Protection Report

The Principal presented the Child Protection Oversight Report.

Antibullying Reports

Antibullying Reports were referred to.

Health and Safety

The Principal gave an account of the various inspections and equipment services which have taken place since the last Board meeting.

Principal’s Report

The Principal gave a detailed account of many of the events, trips, sporting achievements and new initiatives implemented in the school since the last board meeting.


Any other business

The Board discussed investigating the possibility of solar energy production in the school.

Board members formally welcomed the new principal and wished him well in his new role.


Date of next meeting