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School News May 15th 2014

Castlesaunderson Scouting Centre
First Year students and their Maths teachers travelled to Belturbet for a day of activities – in the morning they engaged in activities relating to Project Maths – mapping, using trundle wheels and  calculating speeds.  The afternoon involved orienteering, archery and survival skills.  Ms. Tiernan, Ms. Muldowney and Ms. McGovern accompanied the students.
Fifth Year student, Lisa Moran departs later in the month as a volunteer with the dioscesan pilgrimage to Lourdes.  Lisa has got financial support from the community through bag packing.  Lisa wishes to thank the retailer, contributors and bag packers for their help.  We wish Lisa good luck on her trip.
Transition Year Debates.
Ms. Reynolds has promoted “Thursday debates” between TY students who debated in front of first and second year students.  A winner was declared at the end and feedback was given.  Among the topics debated were – “The internet brings more harm than good”, “Junk food should be banned from schools”,” Fracking should be banned in Leitrim”, “Homework is very educational”,” Animals should not be kept in captivity.”  “Lyrics that glorify violent and criminal lifestyles should be banned”.  These are just a flavour of the range of topics for debate.  Well done to all concerned.
Spelling Bee.
A spelling contest between first year classes created great excitement and no little learning.  Ms. Reynolds assisted by Ms. Callinan promoted this endeavour.
We sympathise with Yvonne & Sharon Reynolds and their family on the death of their grandmother – Mrs. Mai Maguire.
We extend our sympathy to Dáire McKiernan and his family on the death of his grand aunt – Mrs. Pauline Donoghue.  May they rest in peace. Reply Forward