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School News January 14th 2016

BT Young Scientist.

Ezekiel Stevens, a TY student, summarised his entry and sentiments as follows:
“My research was on developing an eco-friendly replacement to conventional slug killers (molluscides). I did this by using solutions of ground up snail shells that had undergone serial dilution. The current slug killers available are extremely damaging to the environment. They have been shown to kill birds, dogs and other wildlife as well as killing earthworms and accumulating heavy metals in the soil.

I recorded the weight loss of plants damaged by snails for the trial and the control. After recording the results, I analysed the data for statistical significance. The results were not significant enough to prove that the homeopathic remedy was effective.

I would like to thank my advising teacher, Mr. M. Duffy,and all my sponsors who made this research possible:- Aurivo Homeland, Ardcarne Plantplus Garden Centre, Knockvicar Organic Garden, Reynold’s Hardware, Gannon’s Drapery, Gilmartin’s Butchers, Mohill Garden Centre, Stenson’s Hardware, C & D Medical Hall, Kieran’s Pharmacy and A & D Selections.

I aim to enter the ECO UNESCO Young Environmentalist Awards with this project as well. I also aim to start work on a new research topic for the 2017 BT Young Scientist Exhibition soon as I feel that I need to work for about a year for my research to be more conclusive and cutting-edge.”

School Year.

The New Year brings its challenges to Leaving Cert students with CAO deadlines and Mock Exams beginning on February 4th. There are just eight three school days until State exams begin – so it is time to start serious revision.
“Genius is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration”. We wish them well.


We sympathise with Shane Gill and relatives on the death of his grandaunt – Mrs. Tessie O’Rourke.
We extend sympathy to Ms. Hargaden Ward and family on the death of her uncle – Patsy O’Rourke.
We sympathise with Ryan Shanley and family on the death of his grandmother – Mrs. Gaffney.

We also sympathise with Ms. O’Reilly (Mulhern) and family – a former teacher in Marian College, whose teenage son, Feargal, was killed in a car accident in December. May they rest in peace.