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School News February 27th 2014.

Sixth year English students accompanied by their teachers Ms Scollan and Ms Mc Manus went to the John B Keane classic in the Abbey theatre it is part of their comparative studies, and they all thoroughly enjoyed the performance.
Cake Sale.
 The 2D class in conjunction with Ms Mc Manus’s CSPE class held a very successful bake sale in the school with all proceeds going to I.S.P.C.A..
Energy Awareness Day.
The transition years are highlighting the importance of Energy Conservation in school and at home. through a poster campaign in the classrooms and corridors. They are monitoring the use of paper, oil, gas and electricity usage in the school on a weekly basis..The project is being mentored by Ms Maxwell and is part of a green flag programme.
National Engineering Week.
To coincide with the afore mentioned week a team from Abbott Longford headed by Mr John Conboy held a workshop with TY students on the technical and engineering side of their operation. It proved a most interesting activity and we thank them for their initiative.
Ballinamore Community School.
We wish our neighbours the best of luck as they occupy their state of the art new school.
1913 Lockout.
I.C.T.U.have promoted a competition for schools called “Decent work”. The challenge was to produce a three minute video on any aspect of the historic event. A team of six transition year students entered the competition, filming was done with an i phone and the content and quality is superb. Ms Hargaden Ward and Mr Kehir were the teachers involved.