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School News February 11th 2016

Second Year R.E.

All second year students together with their R.E.teachers visited a number of religious institutions in Dublin last week.  They visited a Greek Orthodox Church in Arbour Hill, the Capuchin Day Centre and the Islamic Cultural Centre.  The information gathered will help  inform the students in their R.E. projects for Junior Cert exams.
TY Enterprise.
Seven Groups displayed their products and portfolios  in the school. Five groups were given the green light to progress to the County Enterprise Awards in Carrick in March.  The projects are as follows:
Hedgehog Manufacturing – Ezekiel Stevens.
Crash Notebooks.
Shannon Healy, Hannah McGlynn, Rhian Rees Dole, Caoimhe Wrynne, Alison O’Neill.
Distinct Design.
Maeve Bohan, Cora Maxwell, Tara Copley, Antonio Sanchez.
Cliuche Liatroim
Michelle Hackett, Jayd David, Kirsten Lee, Cian Mallon.
Prime My Desk.
Johnny Boyle, Jordan McGuinness, Corey McCrann, Robert Maguire.
Cellular Covers.
Shannon Beirne, Chelsea Mayo, Michael Luby, Adam Hoffman, James Hickey, Amy Cosgrove.
Tasty Morsels.
Lauren Keighran, Shauna Stenson, Molly Keegan, Rachel Kerrigan, Niamh Hargaden.
First Year Christmas Poetry.
The First Prize in the competition went to Maeve Newton.
Christmas is so special,
It’s my favourite time of the year,
Everyone’s always so happy,
And there’s so much Christmas cheer.
The food is better than ever,
It all tastes so great!
There’s sprouts, potatoes, gammon and turkey,
Finished off with Christmas cake.
We watch Ryan Tubridy on the toy show,
In his famous Christmas jumpers,
While we’re snuggled up by the fire,
Eating marshmallows that have been roasted.
Christmas Eve is better,
Than Christmas Day, I think,
The excitement is overwhelming,
Waiting for St. Nick.
But when Christmas morning comes,
You’ll hear the Mammy’s shout,
Giving out that it’s half past five,
She’s exhausted without a doubt.
The bad thing about Christmas though,
It only lasts a day,
And when you’re having fun with family,
It completely flies away.
You think about how, there’s only 364 days to go,
And you know already, after the floods this year,
The first thing on your letter is:
We sympathise with Eoghan, Ellen and Eva Keegan and family on the death of their grandaunt – Clare Blessing.  May she rest in peace.