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Easter is coming and it has been difficult adjusting to new ways of doing things so the break will be most welcome. For us too it has been a steep learning curve getting used to a new way of working. But, it is great to see so much engagement from across the island and international schools also.

However, the Easter Holidays won’t be a big change for parents. Therefore we will keep up a level of engagement over the holidays to help parents. Teachers, you might share this with parents and pupils. See Easter schedule details below

The Next Newsletter is scheduled for the 20th April, in meantime Happy Easter to our 9,000 readers.

Post-primary pupils will have work to do, but they may be interested in our daily puzzle on social media and those especially interested in maths will be interested in a lot of the daily website recommendations we issue.
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Easter Schedule

  1. For next week we will maintain the morning family activity until Wednesday 8th  resuming daily from Monday 20th.  In the meantime there will still be lots of activities on the website for families..
  2. Targetboards will continue until Wednesday 8th resuming on Monday 20th.
  3. Our daily challenge will continue on social media at 12 noon each day. This is a popular daily event that families can do together.
  4. Our daily 24 puzzle will continue each day including Easter weekend
  5. Our recommended resource at 5pm will continue until Wednesday 8th resuming on Monday 20th
We will have a special Easter Egg activity that will be a great family experience and learning opportunity. This will be launched next week and be available through our website and on social media. Our title picture gives a hint at this.